William Andrews
Fredericksburg, Virginia

GISC 200 - ArcGIS


In 1976, David Armitage and a few friends traveled across the U.S. only using their bicycles. This is their story.

CPSC 106 - Digital Storytelling

The Intruder

Short Film: (4:25) A woman in need of help finds herself trapped inside of the house in fear of an intruder killing her.

CPSC 430 - Software Engineering

BG Automotive Fluids

This website is used to maintain and keep track of BG's inventory. Hosted on AWS @ This project utilizes: Python3, PostgreSQL, Flask, PsycoPG2, Gunicorn, SupervisorD, SocketIO, Jinja2, Flask-Mail, Watchdog, Bootstrap 4, AngularJS, HTML5, and CSS3.

CPSC 430 - Software Engineering

Software Requirements Document

The purpose of this document is to describe the ChoreTracker2 software. This document contains the functional, behavioural, and non-functional requirements of the project and also contains the guidelines for system engineers and designers to start working the project.

CPSC 220 - Computer Programming & Problem Solving

Tic Tac Toe

This game was made using Java and utilizes an algorithm I made to successfully beat the average human player. The GUI was made using Java's Swing tool kit, previously using AWT.

Tipshare Calculator

This tool was created to calculate the tipshares between bartenders. The program was made using Java's Swing tool kit.