William Andrews
Fredericksburg, Virginia

Security Clearance

Cleared for Top Secret information and granted access to Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) based on a Single Scope Background Investigation dated August 2007. Counter-Intelligence Polygraph dated October 2007.

Institute Major Date
University of Mary Washington BLS of Computer Science Current - December 2017
Germanna Community College AAS of General Studies, Academic Honors 2014
Center for Information Warfare Digital Network Operations / Analysis 2008
Cochise College Intelligence Operations 2007
Professional Training Areas
Object-Oriented Programming
Data Structures and Algorithms
Application of Databases
Cloud Computing
Software Engineering
Operating Systems
Discrete Mathematics
Theoretical Computation
Models and Simulations
Advanced Web Development
Artificial Intelligence
Cryptography Analysis
Digital Network Analysis
Models and Simulations
Intelligence Reporting
Signals Intelligence Analysis
Signals Intelligence Collection
Geospatial Analysis
Pyschological Operations
Satellite Operations
Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance
Professional Skills
Bootstrap 3/4
Google Cloud / AWS
Relevant Employment Experience
Afghanistan Remote Operations Cryptologic Center
L3 Stratis / 2011-2012

  • Served as an aerial SIGINT intercept analyst and tactical reporter at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan.
  • Specialized in the analyzing of VHF/UHF spectrum using multiple collection systems.
  • Conducted over 800 aerial support missions for multi-national task forces.
  • Developed over 400 SIGINT specific reports for AROCC customers.
  • Coordinated directly with ground troops in real-time to exploit high value targets.
  • Served as a quality control expert for SIGINT specific reports for Air Branch personnel.
  • Trained arriving personnel on the exploitation of signals intercepted within the AROCC.
  • Operated as a SIGINT intercept cut manager for multiple collection systems.

National Security Agency
US Army / 2007-2011

  • Assigned to Combined Office of Military Planning and Access Strategies (COMPAS) & Information Warfare Support Center (IWSC).
  • Coordinated intelligence for operational forces to halt terrorist and insurgent recruiting efforts.
  • Briefed DIRNSA (Director of the NSA) daily on time-sensitive operations.
  • Worked with Combatant Commanders in vetting over 1,500 Targets in most US Areas of Operation.
  • Provided daily support for PSYOP missions throughout the entire CENTCOM Area of Operations.
  • Deconflicted daily satellite operations and read-on to Special Access Programs for over 3 years.

Correy Station Naval Base
US Army / 2008

  • Performed intelligence analysis on adversary networks to support Global Network Analysis.
  • Applied knowledge of network fundamentals and open-source tools to devise all-source collection strategies to pursue access and exploitation of targets of interest.
  • Performed analysis of cyber activities to identify nefarious interests, motives, and capabilities.
  • Determined malicious behavior and recognized emergent patterns and linkages to visualize the larger picture of cyber-based operations.

Goodfellow Air Force Base
US Army / 2007

  • Collected and analyzed intercepted messages to isolate valid intelligence.
  • Performed initial analysis to establish target identification and operational patterns.
  • Identified, reported, and maintained Signals Intelligence and Electronic Order of Battle information.
  • Used technical references to analyze communications and non-communications signals information.
  • Operated automated data processing equipment for SIGINT collection, processing and reporting.
  • Developed and maintained working aids to support target collection, identification, and location.
  • Performed maintenance on surveillance systems, communication equipment, and vehicle systems.
  • Prepared technical, tactical and time-sensitive intelligence reports.
  • Assisted in the emplacement, camouflage, operation, protection and recovery of surveillance systems and/or associated equipment.